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Component Ordering and Installation

Due to time constraints, refits are often more challenging than new builds as a larger number of components are being installed or serviced at any one time in comparison to a new build. Performance Yacht Brokerage will ensure that all the components are ordered on time to allow for their lead times and installation requirements.

Refit timeline and budget.

Two key components of a successful refit period are to maintain a strong timeline management and fiscal discipline during the refit. Performance Yacht Brokerage works to the owners’ refit brief to ensure that the project is kept within the brief parameters to maintain the set out timeline and budget.

Race yacht refit management is much like a building a new race yacht where the right decisions need to be made at the onset of a project.  A good understanding of timeline management and budget control is crucial. Whether it be for a repair or a race yacht performance upgrade, Performance Yacht Brokerage can manage a project from start to finish.

Refit brief

Determining the desired outcome from a refit at the onset is vital to establishing a correct time frame and budget for the works to be completed. Performance Yacht Brokerage will ensure that the brief is fully understood and kept front of mind during the refit process.

Refit yard

Depending on the brief, a yard will need to be selected for the work to be carried out on the race yacht. Availability, quality and budget will all need to be considered when selecting a yard for the refit. Performance Yacht Brokerage can evaluate all possible options and present them for a final decision to be made.


The end of a refit period is commenced with the commissioning of all the new systems and recommissioning the old systems. Knowing that Performance Yacht Brokerage has been with the project from the onset and has worked towards the refit brief for the entire process, you can be assured that your race yacht is relaunched as per the refit brief.  

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