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Rigging and Sails package

Selecting a mast, rigging and sails supplier all need to be considered together. Although the race sails will be manufactured at a much later date, the various designers work together to create a rig and race sail package that functions well and works seamlessly together. Performance Yacht Brokerage can liaise with the various suppliers and provide a report on the latest options available as well and build slots and lead times.

Component Ordering and Installation

Managing a new race yacht build is also very much about the various components that create the racing yacht and her systems. Performance Yacht Brokerage will ensure that the various components, ranging from instruments to interior, are discussed, decided on, ordered and delivered on time to ensure the build process and timeline are maintained.


A new race yacht build is ultimately a collection of the various contractors, suppliers, and race yacht designers coming together to build your race yacht. A central coordinator is vital to ensure that the entire build team are all well informed and up to date with the latest build developments and progress. Performance Yacht Brokerage is that key coordinator and will continuously monitor the build progress and provide regular feedback on progress.

Commissioning and hand over.

Nearing the end of the build process, the systems begin to come online and the commissioning phase of the race yacht begins. Knowing that Performance Yacht Brokerage has been with the project from the onset and has worked towards the race yacht design brief for the entire build, you can be assured that the race yacht which gets launched and handed over will be the same race yacht that was envisaged at the initial design brief.

Contact us to enquire about Race Yacht Build Management

Building a new race yacht is a long journey from concept to racing and one that requires dedication and reliable management throughout the build process. Performance Yacht Brokerage has experience in new race yacht builds and understands the entire process from the initial design decisions through to the commissioning and racing. The onset of a new race yacht build sets the tone for the entire process, and it begins with understanding the owners wants and clearly defining the race yacht design brief from which to work towards for the entire build period.

Race Yacht Designer

Selecting a race yacht designer is possibly the most crucial decision of building a new race yacht. Designers need to not only have a proven track record, but also be accommodating to your needs and inputs into the race design. Performance Yacht Brokerage will evaluate various design offices and present the best options based on your design brief.

Race Yacht Builder

Reliability is crucial when selecting a yard to build your race yacht. Budget overruns, late delivery and cohesion between the yard and design firm are all elements to be considered when selecting a yard to build your race yacht. Performance Yacht Brokerage will present varies different options with all the build elements considered including available build slots.

Build timeline and budget.

These are two of the most difficult areas in the yacht building cycle to maintain. They are also often the largest causes of a disappointing build process for the owners. Performance Yacht Brokerage works with the owner to create a decisive race yacht design brief at the onset of the project which will greatly increase the chances of maintaining the timeline and budget for the race yacht build. 

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