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Race campaign management is a crucial element to a successful racing season. Performance Yacht Brokerage will manage the race crew, their logistics and season budgets. We will ensure an enjoyable and professionally managed campaign.

Race crew management

Selecting the right race crew starts with understanding the race boat, her onboard systems, and each race manoeuvre. Performance Yacht Brokerage will undertake to understand how the boat will perform each manoeuvre utilising her onboard systems and will ultimately put forward a proposal for race crew requirements. The proposal will have the beginnings of a manoeuvre playbook that is customised to each race yacht and highlights the crucial roles for each manoeuvre to ensure that the key roles are covered by the right race crew.

Race crew logistics

Managing a full complement of race crew can be a time-consuming job. The race crew will require transport, accommodation, food, and a general planning brief at each regatta. Careful, prior planning can ensure that the race crew arrive on time at regattas and are fully briefed with a “Roadmap” for each regatta informing them of transport arrangements, accommodation allocation and meal planning. This service will alleviate stress on the captain and save the campaign money with set budgets and strong management. After each regatta, Performance Yacht Brokerage will manage the race crew invoicing to ensure the correct day rates and days are applied as well as correct invoicing structure and details are utilised to assist with accounting procedures further down the line.

Regatta logistics

Performance Yacht Brokerage can assist with race yacht and regatta logistics.  From the yacht herself being regatta compliant right through to her inventory of containers being onsite and ready for the race crew.

Season budgets and planning

Season budgets and planning should be set out as far in advance as possible to get a full understanding of the financial and logistical requirements for the upcoming racing season. The planning phase will involve an evaluation of available regattas with an associated budget for each event. Having a race season planned out well in advance will create greater continuity in the race crew which will make for a better atmosphere onboard, greater friendships throughout the race crew and an overall better performance. It will also allow for early reservations for accommodation, prime docking location, and onsite support partners like chefs and shuttle services. All of which will ensure the campaign has the best possible logistics, planning for each event and ultimately the best possible results for the team.

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