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Initial evaluation

Performance Yacht Brokerage will evaluate all the possible racing yachts that meet your criteria. We will then contact the relevant brokers to get further details about each race yacht. A preliminary report will be compiled and presented to you showing the best race yachts currently available. 

Personal evaluation

After the initial evaluation of the race yachts, Performance Yacht Brokerage can then schedule visits to the preferred race yachts for a more detailed and personal assessment. The full inventory can be inspected as well as the condition of the race yacht, sails and equipment, After the personal inspection a more detailed report of the race yachts will be presented that will include the general condition of the race yacht, the past maintenance or upgrades to the race yacht and the likely future maintenance or upgrades that would be required. 

Race Yacht Surveyor.

This is a crucial step in the purchasing of a race yacht, and it is at this stage where a great deal can quickly become a bad deal. A good marine surveyor with experience in this particular type of race yacht needs to be contracted to ensure the race yacht is sold as advertised and no underlying defects are detected. Performance Yacht Brokerage can assist in this area and handle the logistics and communication between all parties. Once the marine surveyors report has been produced, Performance Yacht Brokerage can offer further comment on the report and also cross reference the report with the initial listing and inventory to ensure the sale will include everything as advertised.


Performance Yacht Brokerage has a good understanding of a fair market value for all types of race yachts. Knowing the details of the in the marine surveyors report, your budget and our personal assessment of the race yacht, Performance Yacht Brokerage can then conduct the negotiations on your behalf and ensure that you get your desired race boat at the right price.

Contract Assessment

In the yacht brokerage industry, the listing broker is generally responsible for the contract work. Thus, the contract is being arrange by the seller’s broker and would therefore favour the seller. Performance Yacht Brokerage can utilise its preferred Maritime Solicitors to offer their professional assessment of the Sale Contract and provide recommended changes to the contract to protect your interests. VAT also becomes a point to consider when purchasing and importing a race yacht into different regions. Performance Yacht Brokerage can assist in obtaining professional advice for your particular needs.

Vessel Hand Over

On completion of the Sale agreement, the race yacht will then be handed over to the new owner. Performance Yacht Brokerage will be onsite to ensure the race yacht and her full inventory is handed over to you. 

After sales service.

As a client of Performance Yacht Brokerage, your interests will always be looked after. I value each client and I will continually offer a reliable and professional service to ensure each client has the best service available to them.

Contact us here to enquire about getting your personal race yacht broker

Finding your ideal race yacht takes time and patience. Having your personal Race Yacht Broker searching all types of racing yachts and knowing your needs will give you peace of mind that the best race yacht will be found. Having a trusted partner in Performance Yacht Brokerage will ensure that the purchase of your race yacht will be done seamlessly and professionally.

Your representative in the race yacht market

Traditionally the listing brokers interests are in line with the seller and the the sellers best interests. Ultimately the listing broker is looking for a conclusion of a successful sale. At Performance Yacht Brokerage we will represent you, the buyer, and ensure that we serve your best interests when acquiring your ideal race yacht.

Understanding your needs

As a buyer you will have a desired race yacht and budget in mind when entering the race boat market. Performance Yacht Brokerage will get a thorough brief from you and assess the best racing yachts available on the market to match your criteria.

Your personal visit and sea trials

Performance Yacht Brokerage will arrange your visit and sea trails of the race yacht. This will all be arranged around your schedule and ensure that it showcases exactly what the race yacht has to offer. After the visit and sea trails, Performance Yacht Brokerage will be able to offer further assistance in determining if this race yacht meets your criteria.  

Off market opportunities

Performance Yacht Brokerage is continually touching base with current race yacht owners at various regattas around the world. We have our ear to the ground about upcoming listings and the demand for certain types of race yachts. It very often happens that a racing yacht gets sold in a matter of days and completely off market and Performance Yacht Brokerage will make sure you don't miss out on the best race yachts before they get sold. 

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